Jo Worsfold is a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner and Psychic Medium offering hands-on and distance healings and readings.  
Member of the National Federation of Healers (7015-H)

Welcome! My name is Jo and I am a certified Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and Psychic Medium. 

Reiki is a gentle and very powerful method of healing which promotes balance and general wellness within the body. 

It is non-invasive and 100% safe for everyone, including children, and it is considered a complimentary healing method to orthodox medicine. 

Here's my take on Reiki:
If the body's energy is strong and clear it can heal much faster, achieving proper function and better health. Reiki Energy is directed in to the body to enhance and support the body's own energy. This energy can then get to work healing and balancing the whole body from head to toe. Kind of like recharging a flat battery! 

If you are in need of some guidance or insight I offer psychic readings to my clients. What does this mean? Everyone has a soul and our souls (whether we are living, or deceased) have the ability to communicate with one another. As a psychic medium, I am conscious of my own soul communicating with other souls (including yours!) and I then pass on these messages to you.

I offer combined Reiki Healings / Psychic readings or offer these services individually.

As a recognised National Federation of Healers member (7015-H) I am able to visit local clients who have been hospitalised to perform Reiki Healing.

There are many people in society today who are over-worked, sick / injured, stressed, tired, feeling run down, having relationship troubles, feeling lost or needing spiritual guidance. If this sounds like you, call me on
0400 089 725, find me on Facebook or email [email protected] today for prices and details of services offered.
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"Such an amazing experience that has really helped me and my daughter. Jo is so amazing and I am eternally grateful for her special gift." - Carolyn, Launceston TAS.
"Jo is an amazing lady, what she has done and continues to do for me is just out of this world.I will be forever greatful.. I have never experienced anything like it before. I highly recommended jo to anyone that is just having trouble with day to day life or even deeper I promise she will help you.. You will leave her feeling alot clearer and lighter Xxx Thank you again Jo x" - Natalee, Launceston TAS.
"Jo is nothing short of exceptional. She has helped my son and I immensely and we are so grateful to have found her. Jo is an amazing healer and an amazing person. She is kind, explains everything clearly and I could not recommend her highly enough." - Kristie, Launceston TAS.
"Jo is amazing! The atmosphere is relaxing, she makes you feel at ease, and goes over and above with continued service. Highly recommended!"  -  Danae, Launceston TAS.
"Distant healings from Reiki Star are fantastic. Do yourself a favour and have a try. I can't recommend them enough. Certainly helped me!" - Sheree, Perth WA.
"Jo, it (the healing) was fabulous!!!"  - Helen, St Helens TAS.


Tel.: +61 400 089 725
Email: [email protected]
Prospect Vale
Launceston, Tasmania
Australia 7250